About Donny's Breakfast Spot

This Is Our Story

Donny Harrell was born in Los Angeles, California. His father is native to Jamaica, his mother is native to Texas, and he is the youngest of 10 children.

Donny Harrell spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his grandmother growing up. His grandmother would cook for everyone in the family. She poured her heart and soul into her cooking. Cooking for her was not a chore, it was a pleasure. This is where he got his inspiration to cook. He would also watch and help his grandmother prepare to bake cakes and pies that her neighbors would place orders on just about a daily basis. It was there, in his grandmother’s kitchen, that Donny’s knowledge of and deep love for the southern comfort food experience began.

Donny Harrell took his passion and love for comfort food by opening his first restaurant in 1987, named “Ms. K’s”. It was centrally located in Los Angeles. Ms. K’s was one of the 1st soul food restaurants in the area and received rave reviews. Customers would say that Ms. K’s food was great and reminded them of their grandmother’s home cooking. Ms. K’s was open for 3 years, closing only due to redevelopment of the land.

Once again, Donny Harrell brings grandmother’s home cooking back. Located in the San Fernando Valley, Donny’s Breakfast Spot is where everyone goes for home-style southern comfort food. The restaurant serves up dishes he grew up on, like catfish, grits and eggs, and seasoned crispy chicken and buttery waffles. Succulent dishes cooked with recipes that his grandmother kept sacred and used consistently. Here is where you can find mouth-watering breakfast sandwiches with good home fried potatoes and many more good dishes.

Donny Harrell makes sure that every guest that comes to Donny’s Breakfast Spot is treated to excellent home-style southern comfort food, prepared and served with genuine love and care. You are assured to receive food made from the soul for the soul. Pride is put in each dish, so come and enjoy an incredible breakfast or brunch. Donny’s Breakfast Spot will not disappoint.